After today’s visit [with Nicole]…, I know that there is no way I could have accomplished what I did. I would have given up when I didn’t have a “place” to put something. Now, most things have a place and I know exactly where to find them when I need them. When Nicole left … I felt a lot lighter and even though we had only tackled my desk, I felt like my whole life was more organized.”


Washington, DC

Nicole Anzia is a lifesaver. She is a hand-holder, a creative suggestion giver, a firm voice and an explainer with a gift for attention to detail. She takes on huge, messy, unwieldy projects and makes them manageable and, dare I say it, fun. Nicole’s got a great eye, a cool head and is a pleasure to spend time with. Nicole helped me transform the world’s scariest basement into a spacious, pleasant living area for our new au pair. And she tackled the depths of my children’s closets and created a clever system for storing out-of-season clothes and clothes we are planning to give away. With a move to a new house in our near future, I plan to hire Nicole for the third time to help me reduce clutter, organize our things before we start packing and then help us decide the best place for everything in our new home. I wholeheartedly recommend Nicole Anzia!”



Nicole is, in a word, amazing. She transformed our “junk room” into a perfectly organized, welcoming arts-and-crafts room, complete with beautiful and functional storage/work spaces! And, she even organized all of the “junk” that had previously occupied the room, finding or suggesting new homes for all of it! Nicole’s experience, thoughtfulness, and creativity led to the perfect solutions … she always finds the perfect balance between form and function, so you can stay organized even after she’s gone!”


Chevy Chase, MD

I consider myself a pretty organized person so it never occurred to me to hire a company like Neatnik. Yet, as a busy – more than full-time – working mom with twin toddlers “all those projects” were piling up with no end in sight. Nicole came recommended by a friend/colleague and she was everything I wanted and needed – easy to have in my house, creative with respect to problem-solving, reliable, responsible, respectful of the way I like things done, etc. She’s helped with cleaning out and organizing our unfinished side of our basement; helping me do the scrapbooks, photo albums, and baby books for my family; creating a new and improved “paper flow and filing” system (including a time line for shredding the older paper); organizing and labeling toy storage bins on all three levels of the house; organizing things for donation and/or sale; and taking measurements and then purchasing specific items we need for storage. Nicole is lovely, highly competent, and a professional. She’s so terrific that we use her year-round now to keep things on track. Once Nicole is working with you, don’t beat yourself up wondering why you waited so long to hire someone like her – just be glad you did. Neatnik is terrific!”


Silver Spring, MD

Nicole came to my rescue to organize both my garage and children’s closets after moving to a new house. Her efficiency, organizational mind and professionalism saved us money long-term. She de-cluttered my life giving me some peace when I needed to concentrate on other things. My husband, children and I are all grateful. In fact, my 6-year old shouted “awesome” after finding a new closet where he could reach his clothing to dress himself and locate his Legos that found a new and more accessible home. If you do not have the time or skill to straighten toys, clothes or anything else, I highly recommend allowing Neatnik to do it for you quickly and efficiently.”



You need Nicole’s number in your address book like your plumber because she can make your life so much easier! She is a great help for both big and little jobs. My whole house was a mess during a renovation and she put it back together! She discarded all unwanted items, organized the entire kitchen, designed an exceptional closet and made our living space spacious and gracious! She also saved me hours of shopping for basics to organize my home. Nicole provides the motivation to get organized and make your life easier. She is hard-working and extremely understanding of any situation you may have that you don’t want her to leave. I couldn’t have lived through my renovation without her!”



Nicole Anzia doesn’t just get rid of your clutter (which she does quite efficiently!); she creates systems for dealing with how stuff moves in and OUT of your house. She always comes up with creative solutions to store the stuff you do need, and spirits away all the junk you don’t. Beyond de-cluttering, she’s reorganized my closet, my home office and my photos — all quickly, painlessly and beautifully. I have recommended her and Neatnik to all my friends who are just as thrilled as I am!”


Cleveland Park

Nicole is a disorganized person’s dream! She found the exact organizing products that I needed to transform my closet from disorganized disaster to an organized and usable space. She also quickly and creatively solved the problems I was having with limited space.  Nicole created systems that were easy enough to follow that even I, a quintessential disorganized person, could stay organized after Nicole had finished her work. Perhaps most importantly, Nicole is a joy to work with — she made organizing (which I was unable to accomplish on my own) fun! The time we spent going through closets, dressers, and storage space flew by … and the results were astonishing. Getting organized with Nicole is an extremely worthwhile investment — investing in her and her organizing solutions has saved me countless hours that I used to routinely spend looking for things. Additionally, my apartment is now neater and feels more spacious. I could not be more pleased with the ways in which Nicole helped me get organized.”


Dupont Circle

Nicole is so friendly and great to work with. Because she, like me, is a mom of two small kids, I knew she would never judge me for the quantity of Legos or tiny princess pieces that always seem to be underfoot. Now when friends come over, I say, ‘Can I show you our closets?’ It would be hard to imagine saying that a few months ago.”


Cleveland Park